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This testimonial is written as an expression of appreciation for the outstanding service that we received from Thomas Carroll.

  Between moving, the holiday season and the demands of everyday life, this has been an extremely busy and stressful time for my family, but I wanted to take the time to let you know what a wonderful experience we had working with Tom on the purchase of our home at 23 McFadden Drive, Monroe.  Although Jerry and I started our house search with another agency, I am grateful that we found Tom and had the opportunity to work with him in the end.  We really appreciated his knowledge of the Middlesex county real estate market, his thoroughness and his understanding of our needs and preferences when he searched for listings for us. Tom was very accommodating and willingly went out with us in the rain, in the evenings, and was happy to make separate trips with either of us when we could not see a house together.   We also appreciate the fact that he gave us his honest opinion but stepped back to let us make our own decisions.  We are glad that we were able to find and ultimately purchase a house that we love and although the road to the closing was a bumpy one, our experience with Tom was definitely a pleasant one.  I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor in this area.  In fact, if I had to go through this experience again, I would hope to have him by our side!

Flaurence A.

We were very happy to have Tom Carroll work with us to sell our home.

Tom scheduled all meetings and interactions at our convenience. He provided us with outstanding advice about how to prepare our home for sale. He provided a profile on the house for people touring. He promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place as soon as possible. He worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation. Our home was under contract in less than 1 week after listing. I am confident that the reason we were able to keep negotiations on track after an inspection revealed structural problems and an encroachment on the neighboring property was due to his expertise. We really appreciated Tom’s calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. Tom was the outstanding professional we were looking for and having him work with us made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success!

Susan & Augustine H.

On behalf of all my siblings, I want to thank you for your tremendous support during the past few months, as we went through the long process of cleaning up and preparing the family home for sale.

You proved to be far more than a real estate agent, and we are grateful for all the ways in which you so willingly helped us through this difficult process. The things that will stick in our minds include the offer of the services of the interior designer; your help with selling, and finding homes for, some of the things in the house; your suggestions for what should be done to prepare the house for market, and then your suggestions of trades (plumbing, electrical, cleaning, painting) to carry out that work. All of the trades you recommended turned out to be first rate, and by the time they were done, the house looked so good that we were having second thoughts about selling it! Your commitment, enthusiasm, care and professionalism during the sale process itself were without compromise. Your pricing was bang on; your commitment to getting exposure for the house was amazing, and the fact that we were able to sell the house quickly, and at a very reasonable price, attest to your skill and dedication. Selling our mothers home was personally trying and at times a painful thing for us to do. You made the process so much easier for us as a family, in a very difficult market.

Judi D.

Sabrina and I are writing to thank you for helping us to purchase our home in Jamesburg.

Buying a home for our young family and relocating from Queens seemed daunting. Without the benefit of time or local knowledge, we were concerned about our ability to make the right choices and decisions on a transaction of such financial and personal magnitude. Our main source of anxiety was that we didn’t know anyone locally that we could trust to help us. And then we met you. At our first meeting we were impressed by the time you spent trying to understand who we were, what our goals were, and what we wanted in a home. Your knowledge, resourcefulness and professionalism were incredible. This was serious business and we were in a strange location. You took the time to explain the details of the local market, the neighborhoods, all of the documents and many other pieces of information as they became relevant. Your experience as a real estate agent and real estate investment experience provided us with an incredible resource. And although you never lost your professionalism, you made our experience personal. You were generous with your time and respectful of ours. You were flexible. You made yourself available to our schedule, and responded heroically to our sense of urgency. You went beyond the call of duty. Most importantly, you earned our trust. You operated with honesty and integrity. You are a true gentleman and a trustworthy person. Honorable is the adjective that comes to mind when we think of you. If we sell or buy again in New Jersey we plan to use you. We will recommend you to anyone seeking a real estate agent in the central New Jersey area as well.

Cyril & Sabrina W.

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